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Trend and scalpers

Scalpers make money on small market fluctuations. Often they hunt for one tick of the market. Is the trend important for the scalper? To a lesser extent than a positional speculator, but also important. If the scalper works on a powerful uptrend, then it will probably carry out the vast majority of transactions on the buy, or maybe all of its transactions.

Trend and intraday speculators

Intruders need a powerful trend and its proper identification more than scalpers, but less than positional players. Speculators trading intraday tend to earn more than lose. They focus on a combination of candles.

Trend and Position Traders

Positional traders need a powerful trend more than any other traders. It is also important to identify this or that trend correctly and in time. In most cases, position exchange traders build numerous trades in the direction of a long uptrend and wait in the wings from a few weeks to several years.

How not to miss a trend?

Sometimes the market “runs away” from the speculator. It happens like this. The chart at one point rises sharply. The trader believes that it is necessary to wait until the price drops. But the price does not decrease but rises yet. To take at such a price does not make sense. At least, the speculator thinks so, but he is mistaken. The price moves by leaps and bounds in a chosen direction. But not everyone risks “jumping into a traveling train,” which, however, is correct. And the “train” leaves.

Is the bull and bear trend a mirror image of the market?

A bear trend is not a mirror image of a bull market, as many people think. Suppose a growing stock market is growing relatively stably. When he goes into the bearish phase, he does not fall stably, but with big bounces up. Even in the foreign exchange market, for example, the US dollar – Turkish lira pair, the devaluation of the lira, as a rule, will take place quite actively, but the strengthening – with a creak. And to reverse the trend and make it actively move in the opposite direction on this pair of currencies is beyond the power of anyone.

Know the power of a trend or yourself?

Knowing the strength of a future trend in advance is difficult, if not impossible. But to know yourself is quite real. Most professional speculators will advise you to know exactly yourself, and not the power of the trend. How the market will behave – we cannot know in advance, we can only speculate, but it is possible to know ourselves. You must always have a clear plan of action for all possible market situations and observe money management so that your trading and emotional reactions do not bring surprises.

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